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I developing printing application for socket printing. Application have one listview and one listbox.

In listview is list of 5 printers and each has one BindingList which contain log messages. Listbox showing log message of printer collection which is selected.

I read that replacing bindinglist parent is not recommented. Is there better way to do this?

class Printer
   BindingList<string> log = new BindingList<string>();


private void listViewPrinters_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        foreach (ListViewItem item in listViewPrinters.SelectedItems)
            Printer prt = getPrintersItem(item.Text);

            listBoxLog.DataSource = null;
            listBoxLog.DataSource = prt.log;
            listBoxLog.SelectedIndex = listBoxLog.Items.Count - 1;

            break; // only one printer select
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