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I create a widget (extends from BaseWidget) by using Sony Add-on SDK v3 for SmartWatch 2 and am implementing a function to update the widget content when user changes widget related options on phone.

That means that I need a function to get my Widget object so I can call BaseWidget.showLayout() function from my Android app.

Would Sony SmartWatch team add a static function likes below?

 * return a Widget object if user places it on the watch face
 * wo: widget class
public static BaseWidget
BaseWidget.getWidget(Class<? extends BaseWidget> wo);
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You can register your wigit with a static class, e.g. a singleton on create. Then the rest of the system can get access to it from there.

You could unregister it on destroy.

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I checked the lifetime cycle of SmartWatch 2's BaseWidget and found that the onCreate() function won't be called when system re-create the app process. So your suggestion won't work when the app process has been killed by system (due to low memory or new version replaced). –  Sam Lu May 9 '14 at 23:56
In that case is the same wigit. And the destroy hasn't been called. So it will still be registered. –  weston May 10 '14 at 8:00

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