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I'm trying to a create an anchor tag targeting some page, with MVC and Knockout.

The problem is: how should I write this if I have more than one attribute?

I was trying something like this :

    var hrefAttribute = Url.Action("Index", "Home");
    var attr1= "?attr1=";
    var attr1= "&attr2=";

And a view:

<a data-bind="attr:{'href':'@hrefAttribute @attr1'+ id()}">
  Edit Having two attributes

Where id is jut an observable my mvv model.

Something like this would work if I have just one attribute, but what if I have two attributes?

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Will these attributes be changing on the client side after they've been rendered by MVC? –  Patrick Steele May 9 at 12:46
no they are not , but I am building a table, this table would have attributes that are going to change ,and an anchor tag ,to delete this row etc... without knockoutjs it would be very easy to deal with. –  Mahmoud Habiballah May 9 at 12:54
If it would be easier without knockout, why use knockout? –  Patrick Steele May 9 at 13:01
I think it is harder, cause I don't have that experience with knockoutjs as MVC and html. I hope ,solving such a problem with knockoutjs is easy too , but I couldn't figure a solution for it at all –  Mahmoud Habiballah May 9 at 13:05
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The knockout documentation for the attr binding shows an example of binding multiple attributes to an element. In fact, it shows an anchor tag and sets the href and title attributes.

<a data-bind="attr: { href: url, title: details }">

<script type="text/javascript">
    var viewModel = {
        url: ko.observable("year-end.html"),
        details: ko.observable("Report including final year-end statistics")

If the data is coming from the server, initialize your view model with data from the server using razor (or whatever view engine you're using):

url: ko.observable('@hrefAttribute')
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Yes i think this would be the simplest solution, I would add a hidden input to the html document, containing the target of the anchortag. While initializing the view model, i would pick this hidden input , adding to it , all the needed attributes ;) –  Mahmoud Habiballah May 9 at 13:15
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