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I'd need to remove all columns from a table except the first two. I am Iterating over the table columns and am stuck at the part where I have to delete the column based on the index.

So far i have this:

int x;
for (x = 2; x < [table numberOfColumns]; x++) {
    [table removetablecolumn:([table column:x])]

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Could you show your real code? removetablecommun, does not exist. I know removeTableColumn, but not your version. –  Larme May 9 at 12:39

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Your code should go this way:

for (NSInteger tcIndex = self.tableView.tableColumns.count-1; tcIndex >= 2; tcIndex--){
    [self.tableView removeTableColumn:[self.tableView tableColumns][tcIndex]];

You need to count total columns in the tableview and then remove them.

What you are doing is that iterating through number of rows, which is incorrect.

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thank you very much! –  user2452250 May 9 at 12:45
Update: sorry, it is deleting every second column, any idea why? i need only the first two to stay, all the rest to go. –  user2452250 May 9 at 12:52
@user2452250 Just initialize tcIndex to 2 instead of 0. –  GoodSp33d May 9 at 12:55
@user2452250: sorry, plz find the updated answer. –  Anoop Vaidya May 9 at 13:17
this is working like a charm! thank you! –  user2452250 May 9 at 14:16

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