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I am developing a Flash game in which I have planes flying across the screen. I have created six instances of the same movie clip. Each has different coordinates, however I expect it to behave in the same way with the hitTest. However, the planes coordinates do not reset after they fly across the screen once.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) 
    this._x -= 30;

        gotoAndPlay("Game Over", 1);

    if (this._x == 30)
        this.x = 1459.0;

Once X == 30 I want the object to reset to original position, and play, but nothing happens.

Each of the layers within the project is 1 frame long, apart from the background. I made a Classic Tween inside that for the background to move between Frame 1 and 50.

How can I get this to work?

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If x is never 30 but smaller than 30, nothing will happen.

if (this._x <= 30)

This should fix it. And why do you sometimes use x with underscore and sometimes without?

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