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I'm making web app using Laravel and AngularJS. To prevent CSRF, I added following script to index.php file.

angular.module("contactApp").constant("CSRF_TOKEN", '<?php echo csrf_token(); ?>');

But it shows the following Fatal error.

"Call to undefined function csrf_token()"

In Laravel setting, I changed the View Storage Paths in view.php to public_html folder. It seems it makes the error. How I can solve this problem with using an alternative View Storage Paths?

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Probably you have a wrong value in you're view path?

// view.php
'paths' => array(__DIR__.'/../../public'),
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To get a CSRF token in Laravel the code is:

<?php echo Form::token(); ?>

or if your using Blade templates:

{{ Form::token() }}
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End-user part is handled by AngularJS and Server part is handled by Laravel, so my challenge is how I can get the CSRF token in AngularJS and send it to Laravel when the end user submit the form. I'm not using the blade templates. – user689072 May 9 '14 at 15:57

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