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I have an ADF application (adf_1) and another one for authentication (auth_1).
When a user requests for a login through adf_1, the latter posts the data to auth_1, then auth_1 will take from there and communicate with the user through authentication steps.

After authentication is finished, it redirects through post back to adf_1.

My application is under development and I can´t deploy to the prod/test server yet so I can't use it with auth_1 for testing purposes.

I have an Oracle Service Bus (osb_s) server deployed under my control.

How can I use osb_s so that it would act similar to auth_1 and receive and redirect urls to and from adf_1?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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You can expose the OSB proxy service either as an http/https service and make your ADF application post to this and do the required function.

Regards, Sajeev

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