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I have an application based on the John Papa HotTowel-Angular-Breeze Template with an EF model. in my case I have several entities that have Insert, Update, Delete Procedures mapped to the Entities in question. When I update an object in the Client it is persisting the data, but not using the mapped stored procedures. has anyone else seen this behavior?

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With EF6, you can use CodeFirst Fluent API to map your entities to the stored procedures like so in your DbContext.


By default, EF will expect your stored procs to be named as YourEntity_insert, YourEntity_update and YourEntity_delete.

If you want to override the default names, you can do so using,

  .MapToStoredProcedures(s => 
    s.Update(u => u.HasName("update_YourEntity")));

The EF CodePlex has some more documentation on this.

I did a quick proof of concept with my HotTowel-Angular-Breeze app and it seems to work.

Hope this helps.

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