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Say I have an angularJS application, where I want to modify the dom. It makes sense that one should not do it via a service or a controller. Instead use a directive for DOM manipulations. But what should one do if the dom lies out of the scope of the angular app?

For Example: Say I want to access the BODY tag and disable the scroll bars on it. I can't write a directive because ng-app directive is on a div which is deep inside the dom and thus the BODY tag is not accessible.

How does one tackle this problem? I read this blog, and it seems like it ok to do dom manipulations via a service. So what is really the best practice to access doms? Especially if its out of the scope of an angularjs app?

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I'm not sure I understand without seeing your code. But in general, the ng-app should be at the highest tag that encompasses all the functionality you want to manipulate with angular. For most, that is the body tag itself.

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