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I have loaded an HTML page and ran some javascript code on the console. Can any one explain me the behavior.

document.getElementById('tiers__0__.threshold1') gives me

<input id=​"tiers__0__.threshold1" type=​"text" class=​"field  mandatory" data-name=​"tiers__0__.threshold1" data-domain=​"ANY" name=​"dynamicValues['tiers__0__.threshold1']​" value=​"5" maxlength readonly>​

document.getElementById('tiers__0__.threshold1').value gives me


document.getElementById('tiers__1__.threshold1') gives me

<input id=​"tiers__1__.threshold1" type=​"text" class=​"field " data-name=​"tiers__1__.threshold1" data-domain=​"ANY" name=​"dynamicValues['tiers__1__.threshold1']​" value=​"10" maxlength readonly>​

document.getElementById('tiers__1__.threshold1').value gives me


Why is the 1st DOM element not giving me the value. Both the DOM elements have same structure. I generate them using Handlebars "each" property.

P.S. I know sometimes the DOT in an id creates issue. Even tried using escape sequence (//). Nothing worked. Tried Jquery also

$('#tiers__0__\\.threshold1').val() (Used double slash. SO just displays 1) gives me


Question Updated after more research.

The earlier test was done on Chrome browser but after doing it on Firefox got different result.


Object[input#tiers__0__.threshold1.field property value = "" attribute value = "5"]

Can anyone explain what is property value and why it it getting appended only for my 1st text box as null. Is their any way i can make this same as my attribute value or i can remove it completely.

Note -: I am using handlebar template for rendering a JSON object. I have checked both the JSON and Handlebar consists of uniform data. i have a input tag which looks like this

<input id="{{name}}{{#if count}}{{count}}{{/if}}" type="text" class="field {{#if this.mandatory}} mandatory{{/if}}" data-name="{{name}}" data-domain="{{domain}}" name="{{bindingName}}" value={{val}} maxlength="{{this.maxLength}}" {{#if this.locked}}readOnly{{/if}}/> 

It renders perfect for other values in the for loop,only screws the 1st one with an extra property

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CNR –  Niet the Dark Absol May 9 '14 at 16:31
Guys, even i know that should work, buts it not working and that is why this question is here. I am using Handlebar templates to render the page and passing a JSON payload. It should display 3 rows with values. It just display 2nd & 3rd with the value, noot just the 1st one. –  Achyut May 9 '14 at 16:37
When you copy-paste your code to fiddle, you get some extra characters there in HTML. See if you have copied the code from some funny encoded file. –  AVK May 9 '14 at 16:39
nopes, its a production code which has suddenly started behaving differently. i just tried to see the value so i manually wrote those document.getElementById lines –  Achyut May 9 '14 at 16:45
there are problems with your " characters they are not recognized as ". rewrite it –  Thorsten Artner 'Austria' May 12 '14 at 10:59

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