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i'm using the jQuery Print Element plugin for printing but i think it's a general css issue:

how can i print out a hidden element? (with css set to display:none;)

when trying, i'm gettin only a plain sheet. is there any solution?


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As DN suggest, using a print stylesheet will work nicely. On the print stylesheet, set your css rule to #element {display:block}.

I'm looking at the jQuery.printElement Options, and there is an option overrideElementCSS. It seems to be just what you need. Here is the example code:





        { href:'thisWillBeTheCSSUsedAsWell.css',media:'print'}] 


Replace thisWillBeTheCSSUsedAsWell.css with the path to your print stylesheet which has the #element {display:block} rule.

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Have you included a print stylesheet?

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mind you that jQueryUI uses

{display:none !important;}

!important means you can't override it with the print stylesheet unless you also define !important (and I think you also have to link to your print stylesheet first in the page header before the jQuery stuff)

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It seems it could print only visible elements. In my case the following worked

<div id="to-be-printed" style="position:absolute;z-index:-9999;">
  <%= render :partial => "printed_version"%>
<div id="to_be_printed_cover" style="position:absolute;z-index:-8999;background-color:white;">
  <script type="text/javascript">
  $( document ).ready(function() {
      height: $("div#to_be_printed").height(),
       width: $("div#to_be_printed").width(),

I kept the main element(to be printed visible and absolute), and kept one on top of it to appear it as hidden.

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You can also wrap your element in a div, and apply display: none; to that

        <div style="display: none;">
            <div id="printable-area">
                <h1>Lorem ipsum</h1> 
                <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p>
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