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I would like to get the masterIpAddress use on the Hazelcast node in HazelcastInsatnceImpl from an instance HazelcastInsatnce.

Somebody know how to do that?

Thanks for your help

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There is no real master in Hazelcast clusters. The oldest node plays some kind of a special role so you can imagine this one as the "master".

To get this node get retrieve the first element from the memberlist.

Cluster cluster = hazelcastInstance.getCluster();
Set<Member> members = cluster.getMembers();
Member master = members.iterator().next();
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thanks, this explanation is very helpful –  hedi691 May 9 at 22:06
doesn't work for v3.3 –  nefo_x Oct 3 at 15:47
Means what? What happens or does not happen? –  noctarius Oct 4 at 1:25
cluster.getMembers() now returns a Set. The docs still state that the first element is the oldest Member, so the equivalent code is now cluster.getMembers().iterator().next(). –  ejain Oct 9 at 19:16
Oh right, forgot about the change, thanks for pointing it out. Changed the example above! Really appreciated. –  noctarius Oct 15 at 5:17

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