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I'm just starting with Mercurial and one of the things that I should do is select a merge tool. I was thinking to use WinMerge for that purpose, but I can't find the way to select this in particular. There are references for all the other merge tools around, but not for WinMerge.

So, should I use WinMerge or there's a better tool for that job (remember, I'm using Windows).

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Take a look at kdiff3:

It was originally designed for KDE/linux but has been ported to Windows. It will diff/merge up to 3 files remarkably intelligently, it does a great job of highlighting differences and suggesting how to merge the files, and it's about as intuitive as one could hope.

Good luck!

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+1 for KDiff, it is hands-down the best in my experience. When TortoiseSVN has problems merging (resulting in conflicts), KDiff does the job and usually automatically resolves things without needing additional help. – Jason Bunting Oct 25 '08 at 3:26
KDiff3 is open source and is also available on all major platforms. I use it as my merge tool on OSX and am very happy with it. – Ted Naleid Oct 25 '08 at 16:08
I disagree. I just experienced a scenario where kdiff "auto-merged" a file and did it incorrectly. Only until I installed BeyondCompare did I get a proper merge. – bugfixr Mar 26 '12 at 21:20
Both the 'redbook' and Mercurial wiki mention this as the preferred merge tool: – Chip McCormick Jan 2 '13 at 13:54
Yes, I predicted that 4 years ago. :-) – Adam Liss Jan 2 '13 at 23:59

Beyond Compare is the gold standard for compare/merge tools. I've used it as well as many of the free ones mentioned and can tell you it's worth the $50.

They have a page here that discusses configuration for a variety of SCM packages.

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FWIW, Jeff Atwood said he loved BC back before BC3 came out. – Jacob Krall Oct 25 '08 at 4:00
@polara You need the Pro version of BC: – schlamar Jun 10 '13 at 7:48

WinMerge works great...

Edit: This might be useful:

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I've used DiffMerge which is available for free.

Take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of how it works, I found the interface pretty intuitive.

Good luck!

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i use p4merge.

it's beatiful and very clear.

here shows how can you configure.

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