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I have a mercurial repository hosted on bitbucket containing several folders. My goal was to split each of these folder into a separate repository. After trying a few things suggested on stackoverflow, which failed, my last throw of the dice was to replicate a mock example in the bitbucket tutorial

Even though I followed the instructions to the letter, this also failed:

hg convert -s hg -d hg --filemap mymapfile hgsplitpractice hgfreshrepo
initializing destination hgfreshrepo repository
hgsplitpractice is not a local Mercurial repository
abort: hgsplitpractice: missing or unsupported repository

This is the same error that appeared in my previous attempts to split my actual repo.

The questions are: 1. why is this failing? 2. is there any other way to split these repositories?

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hgsplitpractice isn't Mercurial repo obviously – Lazy Badger May 9 '14 at 23:44
hgsplitpractice was created with hg clone, as suggested in the help pages. How is it not a mercurial repo @LazyBadger? – fridaymeetssunday May 10 '14 at 10:53

You can try to use the convert extension here:

after the command:


you can use:

exclude path/that/you/want/to/split
rename path/that/you/want/to/split .

See this thread for more: Can I split a Mercurial repository?

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I did see that thread and I believe it was my starting point. There is already a file mymapfile containing the line "include bigdir" in my main repo folder. After including the lines "exclude lildir exclude lildir2" it still gives the same error. – fridaymeetssunday May 9 '14 at 20:44

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