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Does someone knows if its possible to access programmatically to the data structure where udev store the rules? And if its possible to modify them?

In short: I want to run a program and cause the same effect of adding a new rule without actually modify any .rule file. I want to keep it all in memory.

If this possible? I was reading the systemd code looking for information about how udevdaemon reads .rules files and then "communicates" this rules to "somebody" in the kernel.

I think this "communication" is the key. But I'm not able to find it.

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I don't think that's it's possible to add udev rules by another means than configuration files. But if it is important for you, you can still mount a tmpfs on /etc/udev/rules.d and write your rules there, everything will happen in memory without hitting the disk. Or you can implement your own configuration mechanism in src/udev/udev-rules.c. The code would have to receive the configuration by whatever way you prefer and call rules_add_string.

Regarding the communication betweeen the kernel and udev, udev just reads kernel events from a socket and then applies its rules to create the appropriate devices in /dev. The kernel never receives the udev configuration and it doesn't care about it.

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