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i am trying to compile a simple Qt5.2 program wich uses libnm-qt5 & libmm-qt5 to manage connections, but when i am trying to list them with this code:

#include <arpa/inet.h>

#include <QtCore/QTextStream>

#include <NetworkManagerQt5/manager.h>
#include <NetworkManagerQt5/device.h>
#include <NetworkManagerQt5/activeconnection.h>
#include <NetworkManagerQt5/connection.h>

QString typeAsString(const int type)
    switch (type) {
    case 0x0: return QString("Unknown");
    case 0x1: return QString("Ethernet");
    case 0x2: return QString("Wifi");
    case 0x3: return QString("Unused1");
    case 0x4: return QString("Unused2");
    case 0x5: return QString("Bluetooth");
    case 0x6: return QString("OlpcMesh");
    case 0x7: return QString("Wimax");
    case 0x8: return QString("Modem");
    return QString("Unknown");

int main()
    QTextStream qout(stdout, QIODevice::WriteOnly);

    NetworkManager::Device::List list = NetworkManager::networkInterfaces();

    foreach (NetworkManager::Device *dev, list) {
        qout << dev->uni() << "\n";

i am getting an error in QtCreator: "/home/me/Qt/5.2.1/gcc_64/include/QtCore/qglobal.h:860: error: cannot convert 'const QSharedPointer' to 'NetworkManager::Device*' in initialization for (variable = *container.i;; extension ({--container.brk; break;})) ^"

I've been searching in some repositories like tis: https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=enable-contour.patch&package=plasma-mobile&project=home%3Awonko%3Apa-devel-contour-hack&rev=21 and they use:

NetworkManager::Device::List iflist = NetworkManager::networkInterfaces();
    foreach (NetworkManager::Device::Ptr iface, iflist){


but it gives me error too. Does anyone know the correct solution?


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You must be doing something wrong. I cannot reproduce the issue. Please provide an SSCCE. –  Final Contest May 10 at 9:28
Now is compiling, but it throws: *** Error in `/home/mine/qt5/build-consola-red-Desktop_Qt_5_2_1_GCC_64bit-Debug/consola-red': malloc(): memory corruption: 0x000000000194b330 *** I am running this: projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/libs/libnm-qt/repository/… –  walolinux May 12 at 13:24
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