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Trying to retrieve nodes in SDN, imported using the Neo4j CSV Batch Importer, gives the java.lang.IllegalStateException:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No primary SDN label exists .. (i.e one with starting  with _)

This is after having added a new label through a cypher query:

match (n:Movie) set n:_Movie;

Inspecting nodes created through SDN shows they have the same labels. The result when running

match (n) where id(n)={nodeId} return labels(n) as labels;

as found in LabelBasedStrategyCypher.java is the same for both:


Saving and retrieving nodes thorugh SDN works without any issues. I must be missing something as I got the impression that setting the appropiate labels should be enough.

I'm running SDN 3.0.2.RELEASE and neo4j 2.0.3 on arch linux x64 with Oracle Java 1.8.0_05

Edit: My CSV file looks like this. The appId is only used to assure the node is the same that we have stored earlier, as the internal nodeId is Garbage collected and new nodes could get old nodeIds after the old ones are deleted. The nodeId is used for actual lookups and for connecting relationships and so on.

appId:int   l:label title:string:movies year:int
1   Movie   Dinosaur Planet 2003
2   Movie   Isle of Man TT 2004 Review  2004


I have made more tests, checking the source of LabelBasedNodeTypeRepresentationStrategy to see what is going wrong. Running the readAliasFrom() method that the Exception is thrown from does not return any errors:

String query = "start n=node({id}) return n";
Node node = null;
for(Node n : neo4jTemplate.query(query,params).to(Node.class)){
    node = n;

// when running the readAliasFrom method manually the label is returned correctly
LabelBasedNodeTypeRepresentationStrategy strategy = new 
System.out.println("strategy returns:  " +(String)strategy.readAliasFrom(node));

// trying to convert the node to a movie object, however throws the Illegal State Exception
Movie movie = null;
movie = neo4jTemplate.convert(node,Movie.class);

So, the _Movie label exists, running the readAliasFrom() method manually doesn't throw Exceptions but trying to convert the node into a Movie does. Nodes created from SDN do not have these issues, even if they look identical to me.

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Can you post a bit of your CSV file? –  mttdbrd May 9 '14 at 23:57
I have updated the question with some lines from the CSV file. –  mmoraga May 10 '14 at 6:20

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