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I'm having trouble getting rid of a couple of compile errors in my code. I've used similar syntax elsewhere in the program without a problem, so I'm not sure what's wrong.

In PersonalRec.h:

#ifndef PersonalRec_H
#define PersonalRec_H

class PersonalRec
    PersonalRec ();
    PersonalRec (string fName, string lName, Date bDate); //This line shows the first error
    void displayPersonalRec() const;
    int getAgeInYears() const;

    std::string FirstName;
    std::string LastName;
    Date DoB;


In PersonalRec.cpp:


#include "Date.h" //contains prototypes for Date class
#include "PersonalRec.h"

extern Date currentDate;


PersonalRec::PersonalRec(string fName, string lName, Date bDate) //This line shows the second error
    FirstName = fName;
    LastName = lName;
    DoB = bDate;

//Implementations of protected methods follow

The compiler errors read

PersonalRec.h: error: expected ')' before 'fName'


PersonalRec.cpp: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token

I have a feeling they are related.

EDIT - The first error can be fixed by prefacing string fName into std::string fName and the same for lName. The modified code for that line is

PersonalRec (std::string fName, std::string lName, Date bDate);

EDIT 2 - I did the same thing for the second error and the code compiles.

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My guess is that you need

#include <string> 

in your .h file and that you need to prefix string with std::string there.

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I'll give it a shot. EDIT - It got rid of the first error, but the second is still there. –  user3461899 May 10 at 2:06

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