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I am stuck in trying to trim a wav file. My problem is that when I trim the file (of 32 kbps bit rate) to a 10-second clip, it is trimming it into 00:01:18. The full, original time is 1:37:13.

I have tried specifying value of CutFromStart (00:0:0:0) and giving CutFromEnd (00:1:37:03), but as stated, the resulting audio is 01:18 where as i was expecting that it would return first 10 seconds of wav clip... Please help.

This is the code I am using:

public static void TrimWavFile(string input, string output, TimeSpan start, TimeSpan end)
 using (WaveFileReader reader = new WaveFileReader(input))
   using (WaveFileWriter writer = new WaveFileWriter(output, reader.WaveFormat))
                int segement = reader.WaveFormat.AverageBytesPerSecond / 1000;

                int startPosition = (int)start.TotalMilliseconds * segement;

                startPosition = startPosition - startPosition % reader.WaveFormat.BlockAlign;

                int endBytes = (int)end.TotalMilliseconds * segement;
                endBytes = endBytes - endBytes % reader.WaveFormat.BlockAlign;
                int endPosition = (int)reader.Length - endBytes;

                TrimWavFile(reader, writer, startPosition, endPosition);

private static void TrimWavFile(WaveFileReader reader, WaveFileWriter writer, int startPosition, int endPosition)
   reader.Position = startPosition;
   byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
   while (reader.Position < endPosition)
      int segment = (int)(endPosition - reader.Position);
      if (segment > 0)
          int bytesToRead = Math.Min(segment, buffer.Length);
          int bytesRead = reader.Read(buffer, 0, bytesToRead);
          if (bytesRead > 0)
                writer.WriteData(buffer, 0, bytesRead);
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from the looks of that code, end doesn't mean the amount to trim off the end, but the end time. So start should be TimeSpan.Zero and end should be TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10)

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this code trim the wav in such a way that it takes a start time and end time, the start time cuts the wav till start time specified and end time trims the wav file from end till end time specified ... –  user3620897 May 11 '14 at 15:51

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