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I am trying to get a square to scale from 100% down to 25% of its original size during an animation in matlab. I am confused what scaling factor I should multiply it by so that this scaling would occur. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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25% area means 50% side lengths, so it depends what measurement you are controlling. –  David May 10 at 6:58
Misread. I thought the OP wanted to scale a dimension and not the area of the square. Oops! –  rayryeng May 10 at 15:48

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I am assuming you mean 25% of it's original side dimension, that you want the corner position to stay constant. May I suggest rectangle, instead of fill? If fill is necessary, I'll update my answer to reflect that.

scale = 0.25;

If any of these assumptions are invalid, just let me know and I'll edit the solution. Good luck!

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