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Right at the outset, I tried conda install dill, and conda was not able to find it on the internet.

Then I downloaded both .tgz and .zip files in my default IPython directory from here:

After which I tried the following commands:
conda install
conda install "C:\<rest_of_the_complete_path>\"
and likewise for .tgz. All four attempts yielded the error:
No packages found matching:

What is it that I am doing wrong? I am trying to repeat the examples given on the following link:

Edit 1: I had installed dill on my system by running the .exe file from This step installed dill on my system python (C:\Python27) but not on my Anaconda Python. I am assuming that these two pythons are separate since I can import the usual modules (say numpy for instance) on both — the python I access through cmd and the one I access through my IPython notebooks — but I can import dill only on the python I accesses through cmd and not in my IPython notebooks.

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If conda doesn't install it, it just means that it's not yet in the Continuum Anaconda repository. You can just do pip install dill, and that should work fine with Anaconda.

If pip isn't working for you, I have gone ahead and created a conda package for dill and uploaded it to my channel. You can install via:

conda install -c pwang dill

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I tried conda install -c pwang dill but I still get the same error: Error: No packages found matching: dill. In my original question, I installed dill from the .exe file available on the same link. But I was under the impression that my Anaconda python installation is different than my python on C:\Python27. For example I can import numpy on both, the command prompt python and in IPython notebook, but I can import dill only on python accessed through my command prompt. I took this to mean that the Anaconda python environment is using a different python than in my C:\Python27 dir. – Shashank Sawant May 10 '14 at 19:50
@PeterWang you only built it for OS X. – asmeurer Jun 4 '14 at 16:36
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I read the quick start guide for Anaconda (link) which describes how to install packages not available in the Continuum Analytics Repository. Accordingly I went to and searched for dill.

The following versions were available for Windows, of which I downloaded the file win-32\dill-0.2b1-py27_0.tar.bz2.

Then I went to the directory where the file was downloaded and executed the following command:
conda install win-32-dill-0.2b1-py27_0.tar.bz2

I checked the package availability using the command conda list and it seems that dill is now installed for my IPython notebooks.

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If you find a package on binstar, you can install it with conda by just adding -c binstarusername to the install command (in this case, conda install -c dhirschfeld dill). – asmeurer Jun 4 '14 at 16:35

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