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I upgraded to IPython 2.0 today.

Alot of changes seem good, but the button to insert a new cell, above/below seems to be gone. The option is still in the menu, and I believe the keyboard short cut works. But the button is gone.

I'm sure there is a way to turn it back on, but the documentation for the new version doesn't seem super complete. Possibly to turn it back on I need to adjust something in the config. Which is just python script. Maybe even tell it to insert a new element, and bind some javascript to it.

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I ended up teaching myself some javascript to do this. You can make this change in the custom.js file. which can be found in ~/.ipython/profile_[profile name]/static/custom.

Replace it with the following:

$([]).on('app_initialized.NotebookApp', function(){
                      'label'   : 'Insert Cell Above',
                      'icon'    : 'fa-arrow-circle-o-up',
                      'callback': function () {
                      'label'   : 'Insert Cell Below',
                      'icon'    : 'fa-arrow-circle-o-down',
                      'callback': function () {

If you have already modified it, then you can not replace the whole file, obviously, and should merge the appropriate parts.

The buttons will show up on the right. The single + button for below is also removed.

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These buttons relocated to "Insert" menu. However, it is always good idea to use shortcut commands:

Ctrl+m+- (split cell)

Ctrl+m+a (insert cell above)

Ctrl+m+b (insert cell below)

If you can master them and other basic commands, it will make your notebook workflow really slick. Full list of commands can be found here.

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I said that in my question post. What I want to know is how i can get them back. I am certain it can be done by edditing the .ipython/profive_nbserver/static/custom.js – Oxinabox May 15 '14 at 2:34
We're glad to hear about keyboard shortcuts, but they're not substitutes for buttons. (And neither is a button a substitute for a keyboard shortcut.) – Jason S Jan 14 at 18:14

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