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How do i get perl not to print if the are no matches found. this is what i have at present.

    if ( "$types" eq "aa") {
    else {
    if ("$types" eq "S") {

    $value= &read_location;
    if ("$value" ne "0"){
    print "@record  NOT KNOWN PLEASE DETAILS  \n";

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Your question is confusing. What exactly are you trying to do? –  matthewh May 10 at 5:35
When this code runs it will always print "@records not known" even if there are none, I want it to not print anything if there are no records, a print else don't print sort of thing –  user3360439 May 10 at 6:58
Then you need to look at the value being returned from the &read_location function and see why it is always a value other than "0" –  matthewh May 10 at 7:00
Sometimes it is a value of 0 sometimes it is not, so when it is not can it be set not t o print the details, ie will an else statement work? –  user3360439 May 10 at 7:07

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This code will only print "@record NOT KNOWN" if the value returned from read_location is NOT equal to "0". If the value returned IS equal to "0" then nothing will print.

$value = &read_location;

if ($value ne "0"){
    print "@record  NOT KNOWN PLEASE DETAILS  \n";

Alternatively, if you only want the message to print when the value IS equal to "0"

$value = &read_location;

if ($value eq "0"){
    print "@record  NOT KNOWN PLEASE DETAILS  \n";

You can read more about Perl if-else constructs at this page

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It will still print one line though ie if value is 0 it will print 'blabla not know etc' but if value is not 0 it will still print '@record not known etc' –  user3360439 May 10 at 7:15
Have updated my answer –  matthewh May 10 at 7:18

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