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I want to display a list of data from data base on the home page but I get the following error

org.springframework.expression.spel.SpelEvaluationException: EL1004E:(pos 8): Method call: Method listAnnonce() cannot be found on sujet.projet.collocation.domain.Annonce type at

File: code User.java

     @Table( name = "utilisateur" )
     public class UserEntity extends BaseEntity {

     // attribut

    @OneToMany( mappedBy = "annonceUser" )
    private List<Annonce>     annonce;

    public List<Annonce> getAnnonce() {
        return annonce;

       public void setAnnonce( List<Annonce> annonce ) {
       this.annonce = annonce;
        } //getter setter

File: Interface.java

 public List<Annonce> liste();

File : InterfaceImpl.java

 public List<Annonce> liste() {

    return annonceDao.findAll();

File: main-flow.xml

 <var name="annonce" class="sujet.projet.collocation.domain.User"/>
 <view-state id="accueil" view="accueil.xhtml" model="annonce">
  <evaluate expression="annonce.list()"/>
  <transition on="toauthentification" to="authentification" />


@Entity @Table( name = "annonce" ) public class Annonce extends BaseEntity {


@JoinColumn( name = "annonceUser" )
private User        annonceUser;

public User getAnnonceUser() {
    return annonceUser;

public void setAnnonceUser( User annonceUser ) {
    this.annonceUser = annonceUser;
    //getter&setter }

Someone could help me or suggest me a solution plz?

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But, does listAnnonce() exist in Annonce.java ? –  Omar May 10 at 7:19
no it doesn't exist –  user3356300 May 10 at 7:29
now whene i add listAnnonce to Annonce.java I have this error : "Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not determine type for: java.util.List, at table: annonce," –  user3356300 May 10 at 7:36
possible duplicate: 1 & 2 –  Omar May 10 at 8:21
Look at the two question links above, they seem to be helpful. –  Omar May 10 at 9:02

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