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I have a site with a bunch of categories. On each category archive page, I'd like to show the category description in the sidebar.

I know I can create a sidebar for each category in sidebar/:


But that seems to be a bit overkill.

Is there a way to have a 'generic category archive sidebar,' -- one sidebar template file that just pulls in the current category description?

What do I name this file so that carrington knows to apply this particular sidebar to all the category archive pages (and not the top-level page, where I show the site description).


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Thanks to Kai Pan on the Carrington Users mailing list for telling me to RTFM...

Hey Fitzgerald,

Did you read the readme document in the sidebar directory? To do what you're describing, just make a "category.php" file in the sidebar folder. You can also make an "archive.php" file too since category listings are usually archives as well.

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