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We have a SharePoint site set up on a Windows Server 2008 VM box.

We also developed a SP event receiver in C# and registered it with the appropriate SP site and subscribed to the following events:




The following is list of SP info:

  • local machine name: testsp;
  • local ip:;
  • port: 80;

Alternate Access Mappings

internal Zone public


When using SP site is accessed from IE using localhost as a URL, and when a document is deleted and added, the subscribed events fire. But if I use testsp or the ip address the events don't fire.

My suspicion lies with AAM but cannot figure out where.

Please help

If any SP guru could point out the issue, I'd be most grateful.



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It turned out that the user who logged in to upload to SharePoint has no permission to write to Windows Event Log.

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