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Every time I run manage.py I get the SpatiaLite banner.

SpatiaLite version ..: 3.0.0-beta   Supported Extensions:
- 'VirtualShape'    [direct Shapefile access]
- 'VirtualDbf'      [direct Dbf access]
- 'VirtualText'     [direct CSV/TXT access]
- 'VirtualXL'       [direct XLS access]
- 'VirtualText'     [direct CSV/TXT access]
- 'VirtualNetwork'  [Dijkstra shortest path]
- 'RTree'       [Spatial Index - R*Tree]
- 'MbrCache'        [Spatial Index - MBR cache]
- 'VirtualSpatialIndex' [R*Tree metahandler]
- 'VirtualFDO'      [FDO-OGR interoperability]
- 'SpatiaLite'      [Spatial SQL - OGC]
PROJ.4 Rel. 4.7.1, 23 September 2009
GEOS version 3.2.2-CAPI-1.6.2

Even when I'm trying to dumpdata (screwing up my dump), and it also appears whenever runserver serves a HTML request (paging away request history). How do I suppress this identifying message?

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