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I have come into a bit of a problem. I am dynamically updating dropdown lists using JQuery and PHP. I am using the following JQuery code to run a PHP page and insert the results into the page:


function ajax_availabletimes(){
  var venue_val=$("#booking-form-venue").val();
  var people_val=$("#booking-form-people").val();
  $("#booking-form-time-select-ajax").load("/booking/times-dropdown.php", {venueUID : venue_val, people : people_val}, function(){

In times-dropdown.php I am basically doing some lookups and returning some html in the form of:

<select class="small" id="booking-form-time-select"><option value="-1">Select Time...</option><option value="12:00">12:00pm</option><option value="12:30">12:30pm</option><option value="13:00">1:00pm</option></select>

This is put into the #booking-form-time-select-ajax div.

However if I now try selecting something in the dropdown here it should fire the function (this works before a dropdown has been selected and $("#booking-form-offer-select-ajax").load has replaced the code):


I can only presume once JQuery has replaced the code in booking-form-time-select then it can't use selectors? Any idea how to fix this? I have been reading up about $(data) function but it's quite confusing and not sure it is what I am looking for?

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Use .live() in this case:

$("#booking-form-time-select").live('change', function(){

This puts an event listener up at the DOM level that won't get erased as the element is replaced.

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Awesome, many thanks to all of you, that has driven me mad all weekend! – bateman_ap Mar 1 '10 at 18:16
It's starting to seem to me that there are about 5 different things that account for 80% of all the hair pulled from new jQuery programmers' heads. – Pointy Mar 1 '10 at 18:20

The .change() listener is added at page load, so when you replace a DOM element, the attached .change() listener gets removed. Try using live(), which will automagically add the listener to any DOM elements that get added after initial page load.

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Use "live"

 $("#booking-form-time-select").live('change', function() { ... });
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as alternative why do not replace only the options while leaving intact the tag select ? i mean just return

Select Time...12:00pm12:30pm1:00pm

from php code and update the select options using $('#booking-form-time-select').html(options); this way your handler is preserved

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