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I created a program where it generates random numbers between selected value. It then displays these numbers as encrypted in the listbox, I am now trying to figure out how to Decrypt these lines when selected and display the selected value in a text box

Private Sub Generate_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Generate.Click
    'If values are blank then insert value
    If Upper.Text = "" Or Lower.Text = "" Then
        Number.Text = ""
        List.Items.Add("Please insert values into both #")
    End If

    'Displays to enter correct information if lower is <=
    If System.Convert.ToInt32(Upper.Text) <= System.Convert.ToInt32(Lower.Text) Then
        Number.Text = ""
        List.Items.Add("Please enter correct info Upper # higher value than Lower #")

        'If Upper range is higher than lower range then display numbers until total value is displayed
        Number.Text = ""
        Dim i As Integer = Lower.Text

        Do While i <= Upper.Text 'Loop generates the numbers between values specified
            List.Items.Add(Crypto.AES_Encrypt(i)) 'Encrypts values displayed
            i += 1

        'Select a random value from the list generated
        Dim myRandom As New Random
        Dim b As Integer = List.Items.Count
        Dim chosenItem As System.Object = List.Items.Item(myRandom.Next(b))
        List.SelectedIndex = myRandom.Next(0, List.Items.Count)
    End If

End Sub

Private Sub List_DoubleClick(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles List.DoubleClick
    'Checked for proper value selected for encryption or decryption
    If List.Items.Count = 0 Then
        List.Items.Add("Please encrypt a range before attempting to decrypt")
    Else : Number.Text = List.SelectedItem 'If value is encrypted then decrypt to display
    End If

End Sub
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