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I have a super easy task, not sure how to implement it.

The main controller looks like this:

class MainController < ApplicationController
  def index
    if render_text.include? "bar"
      render :text => render_text, params: { :bar => true } # http://localhost:3000/main/index?bar=true
      render :text => render_text # http://localhost:3000/main/index

  def render_text
    output = Page.find(params[:id])

Based on what is output from the database, I would like either to add parameter to url or just render the text without any extra url params.

So preferably the url should look like this:

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output = Page.find(params[:id]) how will this give result with string bar ? what will be result of Page.find(params[:id]), i guess this will assign record found with specified ID to output, and method render_text doesn't return anything also. let me know. –  Dave May 10 '14 at 11:13
@Dave, all record of a type Page are returned as a String. Just assume that is a text with some random words –  Jackie Chan May 10 '14 at 11:30
ok. the method render_text should return the output like this (return output = Page.find(params[:id])) am i right ? –  Dave May 10 '14 at 11:32

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From what I can see, there are numerous issues with your code:

  1. Why are you passing a param to a url?
  2. You can't pass a param to a URL without creating a new request (I.E redirecting)

Firstly, why are you passing a param to a URL? Rails has great support for sessions which makes it simple & secure to pass data in the backend. I appreciate you may wish to see certain params in the address bar, but I don't understand in this case (more context required)

Secondly, you're using render :text as the output. Why?

When Rails processes the inbound request, it will take your user to a specific controller action. So if you have a URL as follows:, you'll hit the users#show, id => 2 route. When you process that route in your controller, the output is going to use the data passed in the url (the request is one action)

You are trying to append params to the url in the same action. This won't work - you'll have to redirect to a new action with the bar param attached:

  def index
      bar = "true" if render_text.include? "bar"
      redirect_to main_index_path(bar: bar)
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