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I have a project that builds a single executable. With cabal, if I use the -fforce-recomp flag like this:

cabal build --ghc-options="-Wall -fforce-recomp"

GHC compiles every single module (all 24 of them in my project) twice. Any errors and warnings I get are exactly the same the second time around. Even if no errors occurred, it still compiles everything twice. Is this a bug?

EDIT: If I bypass cabal and manually invoke ghc -Wall -fforce-recomp --make $PROJECT_NAME in my source directory, I do not get this behavior. So, it probably has something to do with cabal build in a sandbox. Also, I've noticed that between the duplicate compilation runs, only the last one ends with the message "Linking dist/build/..." --- i.e., it compiles, compiles again, and then links.

EDIT2: OK, so I've done a search into my project's directory, and I think it's definitely a cabal sandbox issue. I get *.hi files for all my modules in ./dist/dist-sandbox-c40738d9/build/maxa/maxa-tmp/ and again in ./dist/build/maxa/maxa-tmp/. I have a strong feeling that these are the footprints of the two compilation runs.

EDIT3: Well, I just realized that the two compilation runs all occur in ./dist/build/maxa/maxa-tmp/ --- it says so like this:

[14 of 24] Compiling Maxa.State       ( src/Maxa/State.lhs, dist/build/maxa/maxa-tmp/Maxa/State.o )

(I wonder how I missed it before I wrote EDIT2...). So it has nothing to do with the cabal sanbox hashcode directory.

EDIT4: Well, there is a project of mine on github that also compiles twice with -fforce-recomp --- you can check out the .cabal file and everything at https://github.com/listx/netherworld.

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Can't reproduce with my projects. Does this happen with hackage packages as well? –  leftaroundabout May 10 at 11:47
Have you enabled profiling? Does GHC compile to .p_o instead of .o the second time around? –  Rhymoid May 10 at 12:07
@Rhymoid: No, I have not enabled profiling (I have not enabled it with library-profiling or executable-profiling in my project's .cabal file. There are no .p_o files anywhere in my project directory. I am using a cabal sandbox, but I don't think that has anything to do with it. If no one is able to reproduce it, then I suppose it could be a hardware/filesystem issue with my Samsung SSD (perhaps something to do with file modification timestamps). –  opert May 11 at 1:35
@leftaroundabout If I do cabal install foo it compiles the *.hi and also the *.dyn_hi files, so I guess the answer is "yes". –  opert May 11 at 1:56
I get this without a sandbox on OSX. If I do, say, cabal unpack pony, enter pony, do cabal configure and then cabal build --ghc-options="-Wall -fforce-recomp" it is clearly building (a trivial executable) twice, similarly if I add an imported module to complicate thinsg. If I just do cabal build, it does half as much (it clearly has nothing to do with profiling.) I guess I would have gone by way of cabal clean; cabal configure; cabal build..., so never noticed it. –  Arthur May 11 at 3:46

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