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Output Array (The variable name is $r)

    [Jan-14] => 7588793.52
    [Feb-14] => 9944970.87
    [Mar-14] => 8567790.20
    [Apr-14] => 
    [May-14] => 
    [Jun-14] => 
    [Jul-14] => 
    [Aug-14] => 
    [Sep-14] => 
    [Oct-14] => 
    [Nov-14] => 
    [Dec-14] => 

What I have done so far is..

   while($r = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {
    $series1['data'][] = $r['Jan-14'];
    $series2['data'][] = $r['Feb-14'];
    .... it will go till Dec-14.......
    .... it will go till Dec-14.......

Expected Output:

The code should look something like this this (dynamic)

  while($r = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {


        $series.$i['data'][] =  ??????????



Help me out. Don't talk about the db structure or normalization. The db was given by my client.

Thanks, Kimz

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Do you mean like this?

$result = array();
foreach($r as $month => $value) {
    $result[] = array('data' => array($value));
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