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I am working on a add-on SDK extension which uses a pageMod object with a content script that adds a DIV tag to the DOM (this tag behaves like a button) when the action button is being clicked.

I am trying to find a solution where I can delete that newly added DOM element when the extension is being disabled or removed and I've had no luck so far.

The first thing that I've tried was to use the AddonManager.addAddonListener(listener) approach where I would listen for a onUninstalling or a onDisabling event and then communicate with the content script but I got nowhere.

What I've tried next was to make use of the exports.onUnload solution where I tried to send a message from the pageMod's worker to the content script and deal with the removal of the DIV from there but it seems that the content script is no longer responsive by the time the onUnload function is being triggered.

Is there really no way to clean up the modified DOM when the extension is being disabled/removed?

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At your content script listen for the detach event.

self.on("detach", function(reason){
  //remove that div
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It works most of the time so thank you but sometimes it seems it is not firing since the div is not removed from any of the pages. I am quite dumbfounded by this behavior. – gunter May 10 '14 at 18:44
Also, is it just me or the FF Add-on SDK documentation is really twisted? I had previously visited this page… - which would had given me the solution - on a separate occasion but it simply wouldn't have crossed my mind that the detach event would work for a content script attached through a pageMod worker. – gunter May 10 '14 at 18:51

In @paa's answer the "port" part is missing:

e.g., from the docs

var oldInnerHTML = window.document.body.innerHTML;

window.document.body.innerHTML = "eaten!";

self.port.on("detach", function() {
  window.document.body.innerHTML = oldInnerHTML;

I am not using PageMod nd this works for me.

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