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I have some draggable div tags (using jquery) on my page, and would like to be able to drag that tag onto a day in the calander, and add a new event.

Any hints?

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here is the feature request for it: http://code.google.com/p/fullcalendar/issues/detail?id=238

however, i did make this feature for a single client (under os license) and have yet to roll it into a release. the api is sort of sloppily done, but it works:


download the branch and run examples/external-event-drag.html

im sorry but i can't spend any time w/ u trying to get it up and running.

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Cool! Does this rely on tweaks to the 1.4.4 code, or would it work with the 1.4.5? I tried to compare the 1.4.4 standard and 1.4.5 code vs the 'draggable' example files but they are significantly different. I could not tell if it's specifically different for the draggable example or not.

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