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I have a Play Framework 2.2 project that has different subprojects. Everything worked fine while only one of those subprojects had SQL evolution scripts.

Now, I'm trying to introduce another subproject with a SQL evolution script and I see no way of defining dependencies between them, or even to execute them both, while keeping them in their subprojects (where logically they belong).

So, how can I have evolution scripts in different submodules and have them all execute, respecting dependencies between them?


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Add to application.conf file the list of models packages:

ebean.default = ["models.common.*","models.sub1.*", "models.sub2.*", ...]

And use dependsOn in build.sbt like this to get what you need:

lazy val sub1 ="modules/sub1")) .enablePlugins(PlayJava,PlayEbean) .dependsOn(common)

Attention: the sintax is for play framework 2.4

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Can this be done without using EBean (i.e. just using vanilla evolutions)? – Ashley Mercer May 11 at 15:17

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