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I'm building a small application that will take user HTML input and convert it into a human-readable format for a PHP email.


  <a href="file.ext">file</a>

and I want that to come out as (in text format):

  $message = "<html>"
  . "<a href='file.ext'>file</a>"
  . "</html>";

I've got the syntax and all that working, but my problem is the HTML tags. Even when I've supposedly encoded them (\x3C, \x3E), they still display as HTML - so I get the link instead of text output. I've also tried &gt; and &lt;. The quotes (\x22/\x27) work.

My JS (using jQuery):

function convert() {
$("#result").html("&lt;?php<br/>$message = ");
var text = $("#html").val();
text = text.split("\n");
for(var i=0; i<text.length; i++) {
    if(i<(text.length-1)) {
        if(i==0) {
            var line = "\x22"+text[i]+"\x22";
        else {
            var line = ". \x22"+text[i]+"\x22";
    else {
        var line = ". \x22"+text[i]+"\x22";

Does anyone know why this doesn't work?

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It might be because because you're using "append" which will take in an HTML string as a parameter and add it as an element to the DOM.

Have you tried replacing append() with text()? I tried using an HTML string with the text method and it worked fine on my end.

Notice the difference when using those two methods:

var line = '<a href="#">foobar</a>';

// string

// OR string with the element's prior text value
var str = $('#result').text();
$('#result').text(str + line + "<br/>");

// element

Hope that helps.

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Thanks :) Does text not replace the whole element's text every time you call it though? –  ArtOfCode May 10 at 21:32
Yea it does. Check out the edit. You'd probably just want to save the current text value and concatenate it with the new string value inside the text method. –  alex May 11 at 1:12
Yeah easy enough. Thanks, I'll give it a shot. –  ArtOfCode May 11 at 9:33
Works for the purpose, thanks. But now the problem is that <br/> also comes out as text not a new line - and \n doesn't work either. Any ideas for that? –  ArtOfCode May 11 at 22:25
a quick way would just be $('#result').text(line).append('<br/>'); –  alex May 11 at 23:20
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