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I am adding the ability for users of my web app to get credit reports of people applying to them. I am looking for a service that charges per credit report request - ideally, not a monthly fee. What options exist that provide an online api for retrieving personal credit reports?

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Talked to a TransUnion rep today and it depends on the company but in my case (a financial services website for a client) there's a $225 startup fee, $50/month subscription fee and a charge of $3.5 per credit report pulled through their API.

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Do you have a link to more details about using their api? –  Jim Geurts Sep 26 at 13:19
I don't unfortunately - the info was from an email and a phone call with a TransUnion rep back in June. –  codeymcgoo Sep 30 at 1:39
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SmartMove from TransUnion does the trick. They have white label and integration options available.

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they charge $25 +$5 per run, is there a cheaper service out there? i'm working on something that requires credit report. It won't generate as much revenue as apartment leasing, so $25 per run would kill my margins. Thanks! –  user3388884 Sep 24 at 18:16

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