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I gonna make a line chart:

d3.json("amountOfContent.json", function(data){
var margin = {top: 20, right: 20, bottom: 30, left: 50};
var x=d3.time.scale()
    .domain([new Date(data[0].date), d3.time.day.offset(new Date(data[data.length - 1].date), 1)])
var y=d3.scale.linear()
    .domain([0, d3.max(data, function(d) { return d.amount; })])
var xAxis=d3.svg.axis()
var yAxis = d3.svg.axis()
var parseDate = d3.time.format("%d-%b-%y").parse;
var line = d3.svg.line()
    .x(function(d) { return x(d.date); })
    .y(function(d) { return y(d.amount); });
var svg = d3.select("#amount").append("svg")
    .attr("width",width + margin.left + margin.right)
    .attr("height",height + margin.top + margin.bottom)
    .attr("transform", "translate(" + margin.left + "," + margin.top + ")");

    data.forEach(function(d) {
        d.date = parseDate(d.date);

      .attr("class", "x axis")
      .attr("transform", "translate(0," + height + ")")

      .attr("class", "y axis")
      .attr("transform", "rotate(-90)")
      .attr("y", 6)
      .attr("dy", ".71em")
      .style("text-anchor", "end")

      .attr("class", "line")
      .attr("d", line);

Everything works fine except the date axis Result of script As you can see it's very messy. Don't understand how to make it not to display all the data and change it's format. When I change

var parseDate = d3.time.format("%d-%b-%y").parse;

for example on

var parseDate = d3.time.format("%y").parse;

Graphic disappears. Any advices?

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Change the number of ticks on the axis, e.g. xAxis.ticks(3). –  Lars Kotthoff May 10 '14 at 17:54

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Try this

  .attr("transform", function(d) {
        return "rotate(-65)" 
  .attr("dx", "-.8em")
  .attr("dy", ".15em")
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