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I'm want to build a FTP server on Microsoft Azure platform.

The server probably will be based on vsftpd (linux ubuntu server) - not closed. Can select another free ftp service.

I'm have two issues:

  1. End-points - If I'm using Passive mode, I'm need to allocate port range for this. Let's say 8000 to 8100. BUT, I'm have a option to allocate only 20 ports in the "End-points" interface.

  2. I'm need to allocate at least one terabyte of storage in this server. How it's could be done with the machine?

Thank you!

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There are a lot of articles written on the subject. Whereas one of the most recent is here.

Fr Virtual Machines, the limit of InputEndpoints is actually 150. Refer to the latest Azure limits compilation here.

As for 1T storage - check the VM sizes for Azure Virtual Mchines. Where A0 (the smallest) supports max 1 data disk of 1TB, and A4, A7 support 16 disks 1TB each (so total of 16TB per VM of size A4 or A7).

As for "built-in" endpoints - you can freely and surely remove them. Especially when you do not use them.

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Only 25 ports is ludicrous! There are also "built-in" reserved ports (for rdp and power-shell) so only 23 ports left. This limit my concurrent level to only 23 simultaneously! I'm must say that this is less then I'm expected... –  No1Lives4Ever May 15 '14 at 15:55

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