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I'm building a web server with spray.io, and I keep getting the following error when I run basic requests:

Illegal request, responding with status '400 Bad Request': Illegal request:
Cannot establish effective request URI of HttpRequest(GET,/,List(Accept: */*, Host: :3000, User-Agent: curl/7.30.0),Empty,HTTP/1.1),
request has a relative URI and an empty `Host` header

I'm running Spray version 1.3.1 and Akka version 2.3.2.

I have a basic WebService class that serves as a basis for other services:

trait WebService extends HttpService {
  implicit def executionContext = actorRefFactory.dispatcher
  implicit val timeout = Timeout(10 seconds)

And on that basis I've built a basic service:

trait TestService extends WebService {
  val testRoute: Route = {
    pathPrefix("test") {
      get {

Has anyone run into this problem before? I get the feeling that there's probably just some tiny thing that I'm missing.

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It looks like the http request path is "/" but your route is "/test" can you confirm you are requesting the right route? –  Gangstead May 10 at 19:02
My bad. I usually curl localhost plus a port using an environment variable, and it turns out that I didn't set the variable when I re-installed Ubuntu. Very dumb of me. Thanks. –  lucperkins May 11 at 0:13

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