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I am trying to build an enterprise app using azure mobile services (C#, javascript back-end).

For client side I am using facebook, google, twitter and microsoft authentication provided by azure mobile services.

For Enterprise End app, I can pass the master key to login as user But I want To make a MVC .

For that how can I pass the master key. Can anyone please give some resources.

I am very new to MVC.

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Well, for your MVC application, you can actually use the JavaScript client of Mobile Services. And make all your Service calls from the Client. No need for master keys.

Here is quick "How to use HTML/JavaScript client for Azure Mobile Services".

And here - "Getting Started with Authentication in Mobile Services" (chose the HTML) tab.

These resources shall give you a good starting point.

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I want to make the MVC an admin so that he can manipulate any user's data authenticated with the app. – Bedant May 13 '14 at 22:09

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