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I know a typedef cannot be forward declared in C++, but I wonder what may be the best solution for the following problem. I have a header file which declares MyClass like this:

#include <TemplateClassHeaders>

struct MyStruct
    // ...

typedef Really::Long::TemplateClassName<MyStruct> MyClass;

MyClass is used in many places, but mostly just as a pointer being passed through Qt signal-slot mechanism. A forward declaration would be all that's needed, but since MyClass is a typedef that will not work. Is there a way to avoid adding myclass.h to every header which uses a pointer to MyClass?

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class MyClass; Google, or even looking at the suggested SO links while you're typing your question, should reveal stackoverflow.com/questions/804894/… –  mah May 10 at 20:32
@mah Giving it a second thought or at least reading the entire question instead of automatically downvoting it and pointing me to a similar question (with no templates and template arguments) would reveal to you that class MyClass will not work (and would not work even if no templates were involved, because of redeclaration). –  jaho May 10 at 21:04
@Marian, class MyClass; would work if no templates were involved. –  Matt McNabb May 10 at 22:00
@Marian @MattMcNabb class Myclass; would not work, even if no templates were involved. It would happily compile, but any code using MyClass would silently use class MyClass instead of the typedef, so for example a function declared as taking a MyClass * parameter would be mangled differently depending on whether the typedef is available, leading to link-time errors. –  hvd May 10 at 22:16
I find it really annoying that this question was closed as a duplicate of a question, none of whose answers addresses the central issue of this question, namely that the typedef is for a template instance (maybe with argument type another template instance), whose class name may be (virtually) impossible to write down. –  Marc van Leeuwen Jul 2 at 10:49

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You cannot forward-declare a typedef. But if you forward-declare the classes it relies on, both TemplateClassName and MyStruct, you should be able to define MyClass.

namespace Really {
  namespace Long {
    template <typename>
    class TemplateClassName;

class MyStruct;

typedef Really::Long::TemplateClassName<MyStruct> MyClass;

MyClass *p = 0;
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Indeed, thanks. –  jaho May 10 at 22:10

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