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I need to read information of the last photo taken. In the end, I am experiencing a problem with missing EXIF information, and try to read this information using a content resolver. The solution that I am trying to implement:

Images taken with ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE always returns 1 for ExifInterface.TAG_ORIENTATION on some newer devices

Problem is that I am storing my photos in a custom subfolder: /sdcard/Pictures/ProjectName

And not in the standard folder: /sdcard/DCIM/something (like /sdcard/DCIM/100Media on my HTC device)

I am very inexperienced in this area, but I do believe that the photos taken end up in the content resolver database (if that is the right term for it?), since I can see the "ProjectName" folder and photos in the Gallery.

This is my code for storing a photo:

        using (var intent = new Intent (MediaStore.ActionImageCapture)) {
            intent.PutExtra (MediaStore.ExtraOutput, Uri.FromFile (_fileTemp));

            intent.PutExtra ("return-data", false);
            intent.PutExtra ("output-format", Bitmap.CompressFormat.Jpeg.ToString()); 

            if (_projectItem.HasImage) {
                intent.PutExtra ("KeepStack", "true");

            StartActivityForResult(intent, 0);

This is the code that I am experimenting with:

    private static int GetRotation(Context context) {
            int rotation = 0;
            var content = context.ContentResolver;

            //In this line, i tried to use the MediaStore.Images.Media.ExternalContentUri constant, but it returns an image from the DCIM subfolder
            //var mediaCursor = content.Query(MediaStore.Images.Media.ExternalContentUri, new String[] { "orientation", "date_added" },null, null,"date_added desc");

            var customdirectory = new Java.IO.File ("/sdcard/Pictures/ProjectName");
            Console.WriteLine ("File exists? " + (customdirectory.Exists())); 
            //The above line returns true, the directory exists. However, the line below throws a reference exception:

            var mediaCursor = content.Query(Uri.FromFile(customdirectory), new String[] {"orientation", "date_added", "_display_name", "_data", "title"}, null, null, "date_added desc");

            Console.WriteLine("MediaCursor == null ?" + (mediaCursor == null)); 
            Console.WriteLine ("MediaCursor.Count == " + mediaCursor.Count);

            if (mediaCursor != null && mediaCursor.Count !=0 ) {
                    Console.WriteLine ("orientation" + mediaCursor.GetInt (0));
                    Console.WriteLine ("date_added" + mediaCursor.GetString (1));
                    Console.WriteLine ("_display_name" + mediaCursor.GetString (2));
                    Console.WriteLine ("_data" + mediaCursor.GetString (3));
                    Console.WriteLine ("title" + mediaCursor.GetString (4));

                    rotation = mediaCursor.GetInt(0);

            return rotation;

So far I've been unsuccessfull in my attempts. What am I doing wrong?

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