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I have a ado.net data service created using VS 2008 sp 1 that is hosted that I want to consume via HTTP and JSON from Android 2.1? Does anyone have sample code on how to do CRUD operations easily do this? I heard Restlet makes this very easy but can't seem to find sample Android code on doing this. If someone can post a tutorial with some actual code that would be greatly appreciated.

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here is a good link..


It uses ksoap2 API


another link from right here on SO...


And here is a link for Android to WCF....


For a RESTful WCF service, here is a good tutorial...


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These samples show examples with SOAP web service. Do you know any links for consuming RESTful ADO.net Data services using the JSON protocol? –  Bryan C Mar 1 '10 at 21:56
Added another link to the bottom of the post. –  Eclipsed4utoo Mar 2 '10 at 13:35

I found another link: http://wiki.restlet.org/docs_2.0/13-restlet/28-restlet/287-restlet/288-restlet.html

Seems usefull.

(+1 for Eclipsed4utoo for all the links!)

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Reached here late(or very late) but may help someone in present or future. If you are looking to consume a ado.net data service(now renamed WCF Data Service) from android client, I would recommend you to have a look at the OData4j library. It provides an easy way to access such a service in both xml and json format. Also, it is faster than RESTlet.
Sample code:

ODataConsumer c = ODataJerseyConsumer.create("http://url/WebService.svc");

List<OEntity> listEntities = c.getEntities("Movies").execute().toList();

if (listEntities.size() > 0 ) {

for(OEntity entity : listEntities) {


You can find more on WCF Data Service and OData4j here.

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