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I have a code that is intended to make a navbar disappear when the mouse is still, and when the mouse moves, it is supposed to fade in. The code works, except that when the mouse is still, the navbar will fade out, but then will fade in a couple seconds later, and continue fading out and in at regular intervals. The website with the problem is here. My code is below


$("html").mousemove(function( event ) {


function myFunction() {
myVar = setTimeout(function(){
}, 2000);
function myStopFunction() {
if(typeof myVar != 'undefined'){
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Try this (pattern)

$(function () {
    var _toggle = function () {
        $(document).one("mousemove.t", function (e) {
            e.target = $("#header");
            $(e.target).toggle(1500).delay(2000).toggle(1500, function () {

jsfiddle http://jsfiddle.net/guest271314/8VeDN/

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it works perfectly! except for one problem. The navbar disappears even when the mouse is moving, so I'll move the mouse and it will appear (perfect) but then it will disappear again a few seconds later. I need it to stay visible whenever the mouse is moving and only disappear if the mouse is still. Do you have a remedy. Otherwise, thank you! –  etangins May 12 at 23:22
oh and also, it makes the navbar appear diagonally from the top left corner. It would be great if it could appear just from the top down. –  etangins May 12 at 23:28
@etangins See updated jsfiddle jsfiddle.net/guest271314/8VeDN , adjusted timings, i.e., toggle(500).delay(5000).toggle(500, function(){_toggle()}) . Not certain about navbar, css layout, html was not present at original post; from link, utilized what appear to be html portion indicated at original post, at jsfiddle, for original post requirement. Did not attempt any css, layout adjustments, just toggle effect. If possible, can create jsfiddle, or post another Question (perhaps, with html, css, js posted at original post) for css issue ? Thanks –  guest271314 May 13 at 1:05
I see the adjusted timings, but it still seems to fade even when the mouse is moving –  etangins May 13 at 1:09
@etangins navbar begins displayed, or not displayed ? Duration until fade out if no mousemove ? Duration of fade in if mousemove ? –  guest271314 May 13 at 3:39

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