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In Android vold, it uses netlink to listen to the kernel uevent.

In netlink, it binds to the protocol "NETLINK_KOBJECT_UEVENT" which listens all types of uevent from kernel.

I have a couple of questions in following:

1. Is this configurable to listen to some specific uevets such as only listen to subsystem with "block" path?

I know that vold does the filter in the userspace, however, can we do this in netlink?

2. Netlink can do unicast by configuring nl_group. Can anyone provide an example/reference about how to do this?

3. Android also uses ueventd as well. What's the relationship between ueventd and vold?

4. Android used to have Mountd before. Simply speaking, what are major differences between vold and mountd?


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