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I'm trying to build a custom StackOverflow badge using JSONP and MooTools. Here is the code:

new Request.JSONP('', {
  onComplete: function(data) {

However, I always get back this message:

RequestJSONPrequest_maprequest_0 is not defined

I'm wondering if this is a problem with the response from StackOverflow since requests to other services with JSONP work fine for me.

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it looks as if the parser from stack overflow strips . from the callback= parameter of the json request, which means the stack of request callback functions that the class keeps cannot be referenced. when you enable log: JSONP retrieving script with url:‌​map.request_0 -> RequestJSONPrequest_maprequest_0 is not defined interesting. you can always do it manually or refactor Request.JSON.getScript to support an override for the callback= to a static function. testcase: –  Dimitar Christoff Mar 1 '10 at 21:18
and with the pre-defined function, it works: –  Dimitar Christoff Mar 1 '10 at 21:21

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found a way around it:

by passing on callbackKey: "callback=myfunc&foo" to the Request.JSONP class (it's not escaped properly) you can use myfunc as a global function to handle the callback and go around the stripped .

Request.stackoverflow = new Class({
    Extends: Request.JSONP,
    options: {
        log: true,
        url: "{user}.json",
        callbackKey: "callback=myfunc&foo"
    initialize: function(user, options) {
        this.options.url = this.options.url.substitute({user: user});
    success: function(data, script) {
        this.parent(data, script);

window.myfunc = function(data) {

new Request.stackoverflow(166325).send();
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I ended up creating the function that StackOverflow ends up calling (without the dots):

var StackOverflow = Class.refactor(JsonP, {
  getScript: function(options) {
    var index = Request.JSONP.counter;
    var script = this.previous(options);
    eval("RequestJSONPrequest_maprequest_" + index + " = Request.JSONP.request_map['request_' + index];");
    return script;
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