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i have a for each loop i.e

For Each dgvRow In boutgrid.Rows
file = dgvRow.Cells("FileName").Value
AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.url = file

if want that the loop stops while the player play a file until finished playback

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Is there a way you can get the duration of "file" and set System.Threadding.Threadding.Sleep = 'Duration of file.' – Chase Florell Mar 1 '10 at 21:16

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Just doing some Googlefoo on the AXWindowsMediaPlayer class, you ought to be able to get the duration. The AxWindowsMediaPlayer class has a currentMedia field which has a get_duration member which returns the duration in seconds.

Then call System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(Duration * 1000) because the get_duration returns seconds, and Thread.Sleep is in miliseconds.

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