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I really like the visual effect where a new element seems to push an old element out of the way. Pretty common thing recently.

here is a static example. http://github.com/

However, I'm trying to do it with recently updated products. Also would like to use scriptaculous if at all possible with periodically_call_remote using ruby on rails.

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You should formulate a question. –  Gipsy King Mar 3 '10 at 16:46
How can you make the visual effect at github.com with scriptaculous using dynamic ruby on rails, periodic_call_remote, and dynamic content –  Dark Passenger Mar 4 '10 at 1:32

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Without writing the code for you, here are the pieces you need to build:

  • an action in Rails that returns the new html. This will most likely render :partial
  • a PrototypeJS Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater to grab the html, and update the div with new items
  • in the updater's success handler, you want to ease the new elements in - use a scriptaculous effect to show the new html into the div, pushing the other elements out of the way. (not sure how you want to do this - you might have to move the existing elements down to accomodate the new ones, but do it slowly. I recommend you get the first two bullets working and then worry about the effects).

There's no specific need to use periodic_call_remote, it can be done entirely with unobtrusive javascript.

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