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I design an mobile app which can upload photo on GAE. These photos can not be changed, only displayed on other mobiles. Through my application, the picture will be sent only on GAE, and downloaded to the mobile clients. That's all!

I only use GAE for store photos, and datastore for store photo's data string (Like position, age...)

Do you think I have to go on the Cloud Storage (Because I would be locked after a while?), or I can stay on the Blobstore ?

I fear that in the future the Blobstore was deprecated..

Thanks !

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Blobstore will not be deprecated, if later you feel that your storage is exceeding 5GB free storage, then you can go for the paid. Also I suggest you to use ImageService API as well to serve your images with a faster response time. – Ankur Jain May 11 '14 at 10:48

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Blobstore vs. Cloud Storage is an ongoing debate. check out these resources:

Google Blobstore versus Google cloud storage

If you're storing an image Blob in App Engine, should you put it in the Blobstore or Google Cloud Storage?

Comparing Blobstore and Google Cloud Storage

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I already see this answers, but I cant make my choice.. =( I need very sample storage (Just for photo) but secured. I think BlobStore is the good solution no ? – Phil May 11 '14 at 13:20
It sounds like blobstore will be simpler for you. Just make a choice and start coding :-) – Moshe Shaham May 11 '14 at 13:22
I think so ! Thanks for your answers ! I'm beginner in JAVA and Android developpement, so it's a little bit hard all this things for me =) – Phil May 11 '14 at 13:47
Since GAE 1.9.x things have changed. See my answer below. – voscausa May 11 '14 at 15:15

Use GCS because:

  • Google is moving away from the blobstore
  • GCS offers more functionality like acl, folders, and more.
  • You can use filenames and a blobstore like serving url for images
  • You can create serving url's for non images
  • GCS is cheap and has a free default bucket
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I find blobstore easier than GCS for coding. I'm beginner on java and Android, and I can't find any informations to how upload photo on GCS from Android device.. So to begin, I think I use Blobstore, and I migrate later ! – Phil May 11 '14 at 15:58
you upload the GCS the same way that you upload to blobstore. If it's a new project you really want to be using GCS. – Stuart Langley May 11 '14 at 22:38
But why ? GCS bring more functionnality that I dont really need, so.. If I choose GCS only just is better (without any technical explanation), I think I will continue to use blobstore.. =| But thanks for your answer ! =D – Phil May 12 '14 at 17:44

Relative to Google itself, there no good reasons to use blobstore to store files because Cloud Storage is made to do this.

I think Google will deprecate the Blobstore soon...

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Re-thanks Maël (It's Philippe, Sciences-U). I will hope that blobstore will be better than GSC (Because easier and my code work on blobstore, but no for GCS).. Choose easier solution is not the best way I think.. I will try to use GCS with android, maybe with your help Maël.. Thanks again for your help =) – Phil May 13 '14 at 10:42
Here a sample code for Java : The eclipse project :… – Maël May 13 '14 at 11:58
Tanks ! I will see that :-) – Phil May 13 '14 at 13:11

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